How do I measure the spacing between storage shelves? How to place shelves push back racking system reasonably in the warehouse and improve the utilization rate of warehouse space has always been a research topic. Depending on the warehouse structure, the layout of the shelves is also very different. The warehouse depends not only on the volume of the warehouse, but also on whether the storage and retrieval of goods save time and effort. One type of shelf is mounted in the 45-meter direction and the other is mounted in the 9.5-meter direction. If you need a forklift or truck, don't put a shelf between you. If the goods are stored manually, usually between 80 and 120 mm. If it is a forklift operation, it must be at least 2 meters. This is still a small forklift. It is recommended to keep 2 m4 or 2 m 6. There should be no problem. Depending on the specific situation, it includes the objects placed on the storage shelves, the equipment to be taken, such as the electric forklift must be rotated at intervals to confirm. Usually under the condition of 2 meters up and down, if there is an electric forklift to see the model specifications of the electric forklift, if it is a large and medium-sized electric forklift in China, it is 4 meters long. If it is a small forklift or only a industrial racking systems hydraulic trailer, then 2.5 meters to 3 meters is enough.

The distance between the shelves in the warehouse must ensure smooth passenger flow. There is no problem in setting up shelves heavy duty metal racking for small stores facing the door of the store. Large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc., according to the size of the store to form the flow of people, the volume of operating varieties to calculate a reasonable distance, usually said that the main channel should be 1.6 ~ 4.5 meters in the middle, the secondary safety channel should not be lower than 1.2-2 meters in the middle. The design of the shelves should ensure that there are appropriate areas and spaces on the shelves to display and place the goods, so that the goods can be effectively arranged horizontally to show different varieties, and vertically arranged to show the different specifications and grades of the same variety. Not only does it provide appropriate space for the vertical arrangement of goods, but it also provides space for salespeople to place shelves, place goods, and clean up goods. In the same store, the shape teardrop pallet racking of the storage shelves should be designed on the same basis, with the aim of creating a neat and disciplined natural environment and showing a good atmosphere for buying things. The same specifications, the same raw materials, the same mode characteristics (specifically in the top, feet, corners, surfaces), the same color, so that the storage shelves to obtain a sense of consistency.