Warehouse site selection as the first step of enterprise management warehouse directly affects the later management and maintenance, in order to maximize the value of the front market development and sales, in the initial site selection must be cautious, budget, business strategy, traffic conditions, natural conditions, water and electricity HVAC and so on should be carefully compared. Have you done the right thing about metal racking systems moisture-proof measures and ideas for storage shelves? As we all know, rain and humidity are inseparable, but also inevitable, humid air on the storage of goods, equipment and facilities will cause different degrees of damage, serious will cause scrap of goods.

1. Budget, enterprises want to find the best warehouse warehouse storage racks within the budget range, but it is not recommended to choose the old plant for the current savings, the old plant facilities are aging, the ability to resist disasters is also very weak, and the capital investment caused by the subsequent loss of goods will make you miserable. If it is leasing, when field visiting, pay attention to the proportion between the actual area used by the warehouse and the area calculated by the rent, if the rent is shared with the common area, it will invisibly increase the cost, and secondly, the usable area that is not included in the rental area, such as the platform, can increase the warehouse utilization space.
2. The operation strategy of the enterprise determines the size and location of the warehouse. Clarify your own cargo volume and future development, and look for warehouses that match your own size and future expectations to avoid frequent warehouse replacements and temporary space shortages.
3. Traffic conditions are crucial, traffic congestion transportation speed will decline. It is necessary to be able to access the urban expressway and connect with the highway network out of the city, and the convenient transportation inside and outside the city is conducive to the transportation of goods between the manufacturer and the next agent.
4. In the natural environment, natural conditions such as humidity, saltfall, rainfall, typhoons, seismic belts, and rivers are all important factors affecting the location of the warehouse. Avoid areas with high humidity, rugged terrain, and frequent typhoons and earthquakes. The flood also warned us that the height of the warehouse should not be too low, and once the rainstorm comes, the flood flows to the low terrain, and the warehouse is not spared.
5. The warehouse management staff dormitory, goods storage shuttle rack system place need water, electricity, heating, when inspecting the warehouse must choose a place with complete water and electricity heating.