Heavy shelves occupy a very important position in the small warehouse, with the substantial increase in logistics, in order to realize the modern management of the warehouse, improve the function of the warehouse, not only requires a large number of shelves. Heavy-duty shelves are storage heavy duty cantilever racks equipment that is specifically used to store finished items. Heavy-duty shelves, can also be called beam shelves, or called shelf shelves, it belongs to the pallet shelf category, but also is now a more common type of shelves in the domestic storage shelf system.

A few common questions about heavy-duty racking:
1. How much weight can a heavy shelf carry?
The carrying capacity of this High Density Storage Drive In Rack type of shelf is very strong, which many people know. Because of their simple structure and easy assembly, they can be loaded with high-quality products. Small, heavy-duty shelves can bear a load of 500KG, which is also a very basic value. In fact, in the storage of industrial goods transportation, the weight in tons is calculated very much. And this shelf is very cooperative, designed to be 1 ton, two tons and more is not a problem. Of course, the specific value should be determined according to the actual situation.
2. How many layers and heights can heavy-duty shelves reach?
In addition to performing well in load-bearing, heavy-duty shelves are also masters of expanding space and improving warehouse utilization. The base height of the shelf will be about 5 meters. In the relatively tall warehouse, it can be designed as a high shelf of about ten meters, so as to carry out regular segmentation application of the warehouse space. Heavy shelves can be made into 4-, 5-, and 7-8-storey or more styles. It needs to be specifically designed according to the situation of the warehouse and the transportation of goods.
3. Can heavy shelves be placed with laminates?
The answer is yes, and this has a special name called heavy laminate shelves. Some areas need to place shelves or steel mesh to directly release goods, so the specifications of the shelves are required to be assembled with the corresponding size of the laminates. When we design the shelf program for customers, we will fully listen to the requirements of enterprise customers and optimize the details of various aspects in radio shuttle racking order to better use heavy shelves.