If it is a solid wooden shelf, then it is necessary to use a special cleaner for maintenance, which can be evenly applied to the surface of the furniture with protective wax or special cleaning agent, and then gently wiped; Or use absorbent paper to paste the surface of the furniture to prevent moisture. If our shelves are push back racking system rained or accidentally soaked, then the first thing we think of is to take it out to bask in the sun, which is indeed a common and effective method, and it is very necessary to bask in the sun on the shelves every once in a while, so that it can not only have a dehumidifying effect on the shelves, but also prevent some insects from invading the shelves. Also, if the shelves have been wet and damaged, what remedies do we have? Of course, when designing the shelves, we have already thought of solutions to these problems for you.

With the relevant policies and laws and regulations introduced by the state in the shelf industry in recent years, as well as some standards stipulated by the shelf industry itself, it is stipulated that strict drying procedures must be carried out before leaving the factory, but this does not mean that moisture-proof treatment can not be carried out frequently after purchase. So how can shelves be anti-corrosion and moisture-proof?

(1) Sprinkle some quicklime or some asrs warehouse drying agent on the ground where the shelf is located, which can also effectively prevent moisture. It is more practical to use some precautions when installing the shelves, and when the shelves are just installed, a tile is used on each foot pad of the shelves, so that it can play a moisture-proof effect, especially in the rainy season.
(2) Wood to choose a relatively dry material, that way in such a dry environment, such as water evaporation completely after the cracks and distortion of the shelves we made will appear cracks and distortions, which is not what we want to see, even if we sell it, customers will also ask for refunds, one to affect the brand reputation, the other is easy to lose old customers.
(3) When brushing paint, we must not let the shelves explode, and pay attention to the time between the topcoats when baking paint on the shelves, do not worry, if the paint surface is found to be blistering, we must re-polish, and then repaint according to the process of brushing paint. In addition, in terms of paint, we should Automated warehouse systems also pay attention to it, when matching paint, we try to add some materials that are easy to dry and those that are easy to evaporate and resist high temperature.
(4) In the process of transportation, we should also pay attention to the fact that we should try to choose a cooler time in the morning or evening for delivery, and do not deliver during the period when the sun is very strong, so as to avoid the shelves from being exposed by the sun.