The new air diffuser has the following rotary vacuum disc filters advantages:
1. High oxygen transfer efficiency: At present, many air diffusers only have a single function of either hydraulic shear or sending out tiny bubbles, and the new air diffuser has the performance of making liquid turbulence, shear diffusion, and can release tiny bubbles, so the oxygen transfer efficiency is high.
2. No clogging: Due to the elastic effect of the rubber disc and the structural design between the rubber disc and the movable pallet, between the movable pallet and the disc body, when the air is stopped, the gap between the two outlets is quickly closed, which will not cause clogging, which solves the long-term design and management personnel to encounter the difficult problem of the diffuser blockage.
3. Wide range of application: Due to the clever design of the new fine bubble diffuser air diffuser and the selection of polymer as the material of the parts, it is suitable for sewage of various water quality.

Since the force area of the lower air chamber is greater than the force area of the upper air chamber, the air in the lower air chamber will lift the movable pallet upwards, the rubber disc is compressed, and the air will be sprayed outward from the circumference between the disc body and the movable pallet, forming a jet of rotation and rising, and the water around the upper part of the diffuser also flows upward with the air; At this time, the water around the lower part of the expander flows to the diffuser, supplementing the space of the water that flows with the air, and the water flowing to the diffuser will make Dissolved Gas Flotation the water surface drop, and the water flowing upward with the air will flow back to the falling water surface. Because the air is continuously blown out, the water will continue to rotate upward with the air, forming a turbulent flow, and the interface between air and water is relatively moving, forming an interface shear. At the same time, the air entering the upper air chamber from the upper vent is blown out of the tiny gap between the rubber disc and the movable pallet, forming tiny bubbles. Therefore, the new air diffuser has both shear air diffusion and tiny bubbles blowing out, and the two ways cooperate to inject oxygen into the air into the sewage tank.